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NFASL AFC/NFC title Game Preview

     The NFASL AFC Championship Match is set, which means we are two games away from Super Bowl XX! Which of these remaining four teams will be the one to hang a the twentieth banner in the Hall of Champions! In the AFC it will be the Baltimore Ravens Traveling to their Division Rivals Home town the Cleveland Cavaliers in what should be one of the great all time match ups. They split the season series as the Ravens one the frist game, and the Browns won the second. The Ravens used one of the greatest plays of all time to punch their ticket to the Championship Game as Eric Weddles interception in the Endzone to end the hopes of the Buffalo Bills will be replayed on NFL Network for years to come. The Browns did it in blowout fashion as they ended the Cinderella season of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Tony Amayas Legacy is growing and an appearance in Super Bowl XX will be a nice feather in his cap for the second year player!  

            Over in the NFC the stars are out in this match up as Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers will be taking on Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks for a chance to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XX! The Seahawks are the odds on favorites as they completely Demolished the San Francisco 49ers in the Wildcard Round, and then swung Thors Hammer to remove the two time defending Champs Chicago Bears in the Divisional Round. The Carolina Panthers were none less impressive however as their Defense has come to play in the post season shutting out the complete Garbage Giants, nd then giving up one meaningless score to the Saints in the Divisional Round. Both These teams are built for success, let's see which one will get to the finish line first!



American Football Conference



  Baltimore Ravens (12-4)                    Cleveland Browns (12-4)

Coach: Tommanowns                               Coach: RedskinsWahooo

Team Leaders:

  • B. Bortles 4511yds, 35td, 24int      T. Amaya 4756yds, 42td, 22ints
  • D. Murray 248att, 1008yds, 10td    K. Williams SR. 260att, 1289yds, 11td

  • B. Perriman 105rec, 1787yds, 14tdC. Coleman 102rec, 1683yds, 20td


Ravens Tale of the Tape Browns
5923 Off Total Yards  6132
4996 Def. Yards Allowed 5549
53 3rd Down Conversion % 50
45 Sacks 36
6 Fumbles Recovered 6
23 Interceptions 35


Preview: Cleveland, OH.  The Two teams playing for a chance at immortality are division rivals and have already split the season series. These two teams know each other well, and this could make for one of the best match ups in quite some time. Coach Wahoo has been to the playoffs all 3 seasons, and even played in Super Bowl XVIII which he lost to the Chicago Bears. That is a resume that is second only to Coach Tommanowns of the Baltimore Ravens. Coach Tomman already has 3 banners hanging in the Hall of Champions and is familiar with winning the Big game. Well it gets no bigger than this as Super Bowl XX is the prize, and both these teams want desperately to make it there. The Ravens changed their offense moving on from Joe Flacco, and gave the reins to Blake Bortles, and DeMarco Murray. So far so Good! The Browns used a #1 Draft pick to select College standout Tony Amaya. Amaya has turned out to be just what the Doctor ordered as he looks to be MVP material no matter what season he plays. Winning a Super Bowl in Cleveland will grant immortality. However you have to get there first!


National Football Conference



  Carolina Panthers (12-4)              Seattle Seahawks (13-3)

Coach: criticalnews2                               Coach: JBoc27

Team Leaders:

  • C. Newton 4005yds, 26td, 19int  R. Wilson 4563yds, 30td, 22ints
  • J. Vines 257att, 1152yds,16td     T. Rawls 209att, 686yds, 9td

  • K. Benjamin 82rec, 1355yds, 8td J. Kearse 91rec, 1076yds, 5td


Panthers Tale of the Tape Seahawks
5499 Off Total Yards  5378
4422 Def. Yards Allowed 4033
47 3rd Down Conversion % 51
38 Sacks 46
3 Fumbles Recovered 4
43 Interceptions 38


Preview: Seattle, WA. The NFC Championship game will be between two teams that have not played this season but are familiar with big games against one another. Several Seasons ago these two coaches met in similar circumstances, and if not for one of the worst Defensive plass interference calls it might have just been Joey Peanuts who raised a banner in the Hall of Champions instead of Coach critcalnews. Well it seems Mistress fate is not without a sense of humor as these two coaches will take two of the best teams in the league and square them off again! Who will it be? Cam Newton and the Panthers, or Russell Wilson and the Seahawks who represents the NFC in Super Bowl XX!!! Both these teams know what's on the Line, and they know what they have to do. Good Luck!! 

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