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        On this edition of ESPNEWS Commissioner Newmoon will speak about the state of the league in it's Now 36th Season of Madden, of the NFASL!  This Madden, Madden 20 in my opinion like I have said on previous occasions is one the series best. However the flaws that it does have are truly magnified, because you can see the potential in the game. However Shoddy Artificial intelligence, Coupled with YouTube has rendered the game almost unplayable on our current sliders. That knowledge has forced my hand to create a slider set that is more dynamic, and should help keep the league going for the 10 seasons that I intend. A drastic move no doubt, but when I look at the stats of past seasons I know that it had to be done. In the real world the Seasons best passing Yardage mark is 2013 Peyton Manning 5,467yards. In our league 10 people have already broke that record with the high mark being 6,863 yards, shared by two quarterbacks........Same goes for Receiving yards. In the NFL Calvin Johnson put up 1,964 yards in 2012 He would not even rank in our league as the High Mark is 2,557 yards, and the low mark being 2009. Johnson a all time great doesn't even rank.... The Final straw being passing TDs in a season, that tops out at a whopping 80.....In the Real world  Peyton Manning put up 55 in 2013. In our league that has already been eclipsed 6 times......... Something had to be done. A slider set built around hopefully forcing these teams to get rid of the ball, and to stop the YouTube Plays all built around time in the pocket. For example: in 2002 David Carr was sacked 76 times in a single season, and the teams record was 4-12. Vinny Testaverde in 1988 threw 35 interceptions in a single season and their record was 5-11. However in the NFASL we have a team that where the Quarterback was sacked 92 times in one season, destroying the record of 76, and in that same season threw 28 interceptions 7 off the mark of one of the worst thrown interceptions seasons of all time. Except what do you think the teams record was?  15-1........Let that sink in before you even think that a slider change was not needed.

Slider Changes:

  • Quarterback Accuracy - 55
  • Wide Receiver Catching - 75
  • Pass Blocking - 15
  • Computer Interception - 10

                  Here is the reasoning behind the slider change. It all starts with Pass blocking being dropped to 15. That is the baseline of the entire Slider Change. Pass rush is hopefully pumped up to the point where users look pre snap, and post snap for the one on one match ups, as well as the open receivers. Instead of picking a YouTube play and letting it develop based on the games Shoddy AI. Cover 3 beaters, Cover 4 Beaters, etc..... are all based around time in the pocket because no matter what based on certain coverages the CPU controlled players follow a linear pre determined path no matter what...... So if you already know what the CPU player is going to do it doesn't matter if you are sacked 92 times in a season. It doesn't matter if you throw 7 less interceptions of one of the all time records...... It truly becomes a game of animations.

              I'm not a sadist however, so that means if I pump up the pass rush, I have to create a balance where the receivers get more animations in 1-1 situations instead of the other way around. Moving the needle up on catches means that the Defense now has to play position, and swat ball mechanics on defense, because Quarterbacks can throw in tighter windows. On the old slider set those tighter window throws could not be made because 9 times out of 10 even though you have both hands on the ball that ball will be tipped up, creating a tip drill easy interception.

           The hope is with the slider changes teams open up their playbooks creating a more dynamic game of football that resembles more of what we see on Sunday, instead of a MUT Championship. Will there be push back, of course. Change is resisted, no matter what it is. I expect that. However most members of the league have a "me" view of the league, where I have a overall what's best for the league view. I don't want to create a long wall of Text, so I will save some of my other thoughts for the next Owners meeting.


Commissioners of the NFASL:

  • Newmoon001 - League Commissioner
  • Jady_Tru - AFC Commissioner
  • THE-KiiD-Kenny - NFC Commissioner



Commissioner of the AFC, Jady_Tru

  • JD- I have a hair, and nail appointment at the Salon, so I will be unable to comment on this State of the league.....




Commissioner of the NFC, The-KiiD-Kenny

  • Shooter - Lunch.....





Team Statistics: In the NFL the teams with the best stats normally have the best seasons. This year is no different. It takes every aspect of a team to win games, and while you can have one do well and not the other  over a full season it will show and prove in your final win loss record. So far the tops in the league are those we are about to show here. Let's take a look.



Offensive Yards Rush Yards Pass Yards
2162 1018 1724
Defensive Yards  Defensive Sacks Defensive Interceptions
940 29 28






.                          .


NFASL Hall Of Champion Inductees!


Team Name Super Bowl Date
Dramaman728 I Nov 14, 2012
Mightysims II Jan 8, 2014
Newmoon001 III Mar 15, 2013
Demmitt IV June 14, 2013
Tommanowns V Aug 7, 2013
Newmoon001 VI Oct 28, 2013
ThePwnStar49 VII Jan 21, 2014
Wigs23 VIII Mar 12, 2014
Newmoon001 IX Apr 30, 2014
Tommanowns X Jun 26, 2014
Tommanowns XI Oct 27, 2014
Dominator1373 XII Dec 21, 2014
e30zack XIII Feb 1, 2015
criticalnews XIV Mar 14, 2015
Kaliko_420 XV Oct 27, 2015
xJbeast2396X XVI Dec 15, 2015
xJbeast2396x XVII Feb 2, 2016
The_Best_Ever XVIII Oct 27, 2016
The_Best_Ever XIX Dec 7, 2016
Tommanowns XX Jan 16, 2017
NickCena88 XXI Mar 1, 2017
ATK133 XXII Oct 15, 2017
The_Best_Ever XXIII Nov 24, 2017
The_Best_Ever XXIV

Jan 4, 2018

OffensiveDom XXV Mar 3, 2018
PapaShaga XXVI Oct 4, 2018
SilentCloudx XXVII Nov 17, 2018
Kaliko_420 XXVIII

Jan 2, 2019

SilentCloudx XXIX Feb 8, 2019
Tommanowns XXX Sept 13, 2019
ThePacificCowboy XXXI Oct 20, 2019
EddieHendriix XXXII Nov 20, 2019
spyversusspy XXXIII Dec 22, 2019
Maddenrox9 XXXIV Jan 21, 2020
Tommanowns XXXV Feb 24, 2020

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