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           21                       XXIII                            28

Jacksonville Jaguars (15-1)             Chicago Bears (12-4)

Coach: ThePacificCowboy                                   Coach: The_Best__Ever

Team Leaders:

  • B. Bortles 82yds, 0td, 1int      M. Trubisky 258yds, 2td, 0ints
  • L. Fournette 20att, 94yds, 1tdJ. Langford 8att, 27yds, 0td

  • A. Robinson 3rec, 71yds, 0tdC. Meredith 3rec, 72yds, 1td



Monsters of the Midway!

           Super Bowl XXIII. Minneapolis, MN. In the NFASL Super Bowl XXIII The Chicago Bears improbable run concluded with a 3rd banner being hung in the Hall of Champions, and the Chicago Bears beating the highly favored Jacksonville Jaguars 28-21. The Bears who at one point looked like they were not even going to make the playoffs thanks to a mid season swoon found a way to win it all! The Games MVP was Second year star Mitchell Trubisky who had a near flawless games garnering Super Bowl XXIII MVP Honors with an incredible performance. Trubisky had a Quarterback rating of 155.7, was 14/18 with 258 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. Trubiskys game for the Ages gave the Bears every chance to win, and they did just that. The Bears came out the gate fast and found themselves with a 10-lead, and the Jaguars pressing to get points on the board. The Jaguars were able to manage to get back in the game behind Leonard Fournette who was a mere 6 yards from 2000 on the season. Fournette however found running room hard to come by as he had 94 yards on 20 carries.

      The Jaguars behind their own stout defense and big plays found themselves with an 11 point lead after having been down 10 in the first quarter. While trying to salt the Game away however Disaster struck as Leonard Fournette took the biggest game to have his worst performance fumbling twice, with one of those fumbles leading to a Scoop and score 70 yard fumble return. The momentum swung heavily into the Bears favor after that as they knew they now had a chance. No one will ever know if Nerves got to the Jaguars head coach Stew, or was it just bad luck. The Bears were able to take that momentum, seize upon it, apply pressure and win the game! The Bears Defense did the rest as they were gang tackling on every run, defending passes from every angle holding Blake Bortles to only 82 yards, and completely frustrating the Jaguars playcallers. When it was all said and done it was the Bears, celebrating while the Jaguars walked off the field wondering what could have been.

The Jaguars were coached by ThePacificCowboy who now knows the bitter taste of defeat, and should be much better for it come next season. Expect this Jaguars team to represent for a good long while.

                            Lets have a conversation with Super Bowl XXIII, and 3rd time winner Coach The_Best__Ever:


  • Wow! A 3rd banner hanging in the Hall of Champions! How does it feel?

It Feels F-ing Great! But for different reasons. After the first two I still felt people doubted my team, now there's nothing anyone can say!



  • This season has been and up and down one. Howe did you turn it around?

We went back to the basics. We were doing too much. we simplified the playcalling, and took what the defense gave us.



  • In Super Bowl XXIII you found yourself up 10, then down 11, then coming back and winning it all. How were your emotions?

We stayed calm. We been there before. The game can change in seconds.



  • Now that the airspace only belongs to the Chicago Bears and the 3 time Super Bowl winning head coach is there anything you want to say to the League?

I want to say to League. I aint going anywhere We here to Build this dynasty!



                   And there you have it Folks the most annoying person to ever win a Super Bowl much less 3...... We should all be looking in the mirror and asking ourselves how did we let this happen? JD who makes warm Pudding look like Titanium hanging a 3rd banner in the Hall of Champions! A place where the all time greats like Moon, Tomman, Kaliko, Zack, criticalnews take up permanent residence. To allow JD to put up 3 banners is a testament of the bums we have in this league starting with the Peanuts, the Shooters, the Stews, RedskinsWahoo (who's gone but is still a bum in my book), and of course how can we leave out the Ginger Hunter! You jokers had a chance to end JD but you failed just like I'm sure you will fail your Employer, your wives, your kids, and anyone else who puts any faith in you. I say this with as much feeling, and passion as I can possibly Muster KYS!!!!

        The Chicago Bears will be enshrined into the Hall of Champions to be ever remembered as the Team that won Super Bowl XXIII on November 23rd, of our Lord 2017.  The Bears were 12-4, had the leagues #8 Offense, and #3 Defense.. Once again congratulations The_Best__Ever, and the Chicago Bears for your Super Bowl XXIII win! As always this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production. It's been grand, God Bless you all, and see you Next season!


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