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NFC North


Overview: The NFC North won 2 of the last 4 Super Bowl titles in the NFASL a year ago, unfortunately for the Lions, Packers, and Vikings it was the Bears hanging two more banners in the Hall of Champions. Leaving the other 3 franchises in the Division wondering when it will be their time. The Bears have been powered down roster wise, adn the Vikings, Lions, and Packers have all tried to catch up to the Bears in terms of Talent. However with sure First Ballot Hall of Famer JD a the reins the Bears are always the most dangerous team in the Division, hell even the league.  The north is the Black and Blue division however save for the Lions this division likes to throw the pig skin around. WIth Trubisky breaking records a year ago, Aaron Rodgers, and now Kirk Cousins all throwing balls in the North this could be a high scoring, high flying football season. Lets take a look at a few of the teams additions, and previews.  




Minnesota Vikings

Coach: Mrt757

Prediction: Third in the NFC North

Bio: The Minnesota Vikings are being run by Coach MRT757, and he picked them at the right time The Vikings added a 4000 yard passers in Kirk Cousins from free agency, to go with an already dominant run game, and one of the best Defenses in the League. With the Type of talent the Vikings have only the poor coaching by Mrt757 can bring this team down. However with age comes maturity, and I have a feeling these Vikings are going to surprise some teams this year. The Vikings have gone all in this Year so really nothing short of a Super Bowl will be considered a success. Pressure makes diamonds, and the Vikings are in a division with the Bears, Packers, and Lions. That's a murders row in the form of Football teams. If they want to be taken serious they must string wins together in the Reglar season.

Key Additions:

  • Kirk Cousins, QB
  • Sheldon Ricahrdson, Dt


Green Bay Packers

 Coach: DinoHontos

Prediction: Fourth in the NFC North

                                   Bio: The Coach of the Packers DinoHontos hasn't done much in the league, thanks partially to his aloofness. If the Busy Teen can manage to focus on his coaching duties the Packers could be the best team in the Division, hell even the League. They have hands down the best quarterback in the Conference in Aaron Rodgers, and some would argue the League. Rodgers can make every throw, and then some. that means the Packers offense should be one of the most unpredicatble offenses in the league this year. Expect Coach Dino to open things up, and spot thee Packers much Maligned Defense to a 7, or 14 point lead. The Packers a year ago were one of the worst Ddefensive teams in the Association, but loading up on COorner Backs in the Draft, and hopefully garnering a little more pass rush will do this Defense wonders come game day. 

Key Additions:

  • Jimmy Graham, TE


Detroit Lions

Coach: Hitskah

Prediction: Second in the NFC in the North


Bio: The Detroit Lions are once again back in the hands of Coach Hitskah, who once again took a hiatus from the league. With the Return of Hitskah the love is back in the Motor City, and that can only mean big things are in store for these Lions. The Bears have have run roughshod over the North, and the Lions with a much deeper roster are part of the blame. With 10 year veteran Quarterback Matthew Stafford at the Helm the Lions should be one of the better teams in the league. If Coach Hitskah has anything to say about it this will be the beginning of something Great. The Lions are a talented bunch With the Stafford to Golden Tate connection being one of the leagues best. Not to mention the Rebuilt Linebacker corp that should be one of the leagues most dangerous. I have predicted the Lions to finish second in Division, but predictions mean nothing if you don't get it done on the field.

Key Additions:

  • LeGarette Blount, HB
  • Devon Kennard, DE


Chicago Bears

Coach: The_Best__Ever

Prediction: First in the NFC North


Bio: The Mitchell Trubisky era started with a bang last Madden with Him, and the Bears winning two of the 4 Super Bowls. Winners or Super Bowls XXIII, and XXIV the Bears have cemented themselves as a Dynasty in the league with Four Titles. The Bears will look to build on that legacy as they have been picked by me to finish first this season in the NFC North. The Bears have changed Their Wide Receiving corp, and if they have any kind of hiccup, that move may come back to haunt them. The Bears love to throw the ball, and making sure they have explosive players on that side of the ball is paramount to their success!

Key Additions:

  • Allen Robinson, WR
  • Taylor Gabriel, WR
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