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Super Bowl XIX


                          36                                                                   29

  Chicago Bears (12-4)            Buffalo Bills (13-3)

    Coach: The_Best__Ever                                           Coach: OffensiveDom

Team Leaders:

  • J. Cutler 270yds, 2td, 3int   T. Taylor 405yds, 3td, 4ints
  • M. Forte 15att, 109yds, 1td  L. McCoy 4att, 9yds, 0td

  • K. White 5rec, 89yds, 0td   R. Woods 6rec, 99yds, 0td



                   The Bears are kcaB 2 Back Champs!

           Super Bowl XIX. Minneapolis, MN. In the NFASL Super Bowl XIX The Chicago Bears did the unthinkable when the season started and that is win back to back! When the Bears rose their banner toward the heavens as Super Bowl XVIII Champions into the Hall of Champions many were screaming ASTERISK!! However The best way to quiet all nay Sayers is to show them that it was no fluke, and they did just that. None can deny the greatness that is the Bears at this point. They have won Super Bowl XIX with another Dominant offensive performance, and timely defensive plays. This Time they used Veteran Matt Forte whom was the games MVP with 15 Carries, for 109 yards, and a touchdown. Forte did not start a game all season long, but when you have the right ingredients all you need is a Chef to put them together. Coach JD did just that. Forte Kept the Bears in the game early as Jay Cutler started out slow throwing 3 interceptions. Forte grinded out big yardage, and kept the explosive Bills offense on the side lines until Jay Cutler (270yds, 2tds, 3ints) caught Fire in the second half. Cutlers favorite target was Wide Receiver Kevin White as the Bills Made sure that Alshon Jeffery was double covered all game long. With Cutler unable to get the ball to his favorite target he had to rely on White, as well as Tight End Greg Olsen (4Recs, 47yds).

             With the Bears struggling passing the ball the Defense stepped up in a big way intercepting Tyrod Taylor (405yds, 3tds, 4ints) 4 times. Defensive End Pernell McPhee put on the pressure sacking the mobile quarterback Taylor 3 times ,and Safety Adrian Amos had 8 tackles, and an interception. The Bills will once again shake their heads and wonder what could have been as coach OffensiveDom has found himself on the wrong side of a Super Bowl Victory. The NFC has finally overtaken the AFC in Hall of Champion banners (10-9), and Coach Offensive Doms Buffalo Bils have been apart of two of them. The Bills will have a long offseason to look ahead, try to hunker down, and get it done just like 31 other teams in the NFASL! 

            With the Entire Football world Watching Coach Jady took the podium and gave another heart felt speech for all to hear. "This My league!!! Y'all just playing in it!!!  Nobody else speaks this is my part!!! F*ck being on some chill sh*t! If i ain't the greatest i'm headed for it! I should just retire! 3 seasons!!!! I can't hear y'all Haters! Get louder! Say More! Cuz it don't Change Sh*t!  I'm the Back to Back Champ!  I told y'all before this sh*t started that I was the best!!  I'll retire! let someone else win. It ain't fun! I'm not the champ ya want! I'm the Champ they Need! .

              Much like last years post game ceremony coach Jady clearly off his Meds showed why he's the class act we all thought he was, and went off the rails. Once he had a chance to be fully medicated I was able to sit down and have a conversation with him in the post game interview:


  • Back to Back! How did you do it?

We did it with Patience, and trust for the system. We went through a few hurdles trying to adjust with a lot of new faces.


  • Matt Forte Super Bowl MVP! You haven't started him all season long. What did you know?

Matt is a vet. Someone we trusted all season even though playing time might not show it. Langford has some learning to do but he will get there.

  • Now that you are a two time Super Bowl winner, which Super Bowl was more satisfying?

They are both satisfying in their own right. Neither Better, than the other.


  • What should we expect from the great Chicago Bears Franchise moving forward?

You can expect the same effort, determination, and focus that made us successful so far. These Seasons were nice but they are in the past now. Listen both seasons we got to beat our hated rivals so that's always a bonus, You ask how I do it? I'm the best! Expect Greatness, and only Greatness..........


                The Chicago Bears were once again a force all season long, and beat all comers during the playoffs. it pains me to say it but you have to tip your cap to the Champ, and that Champ is JD.  As always this has been a Sim Athletics Network Production. It's been grand, God Bless you all, and see you Next season!


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